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Starting the Dialogue with your Aging Parents: Let’s Talk Dreams

August 5, 2013

Today’s blog will be short and sweet.

No lecture.

Have you ever asked your parents about their dreams?

I don’t mean the dreams we have when we go to sleep. Those can be interesting too, but today I want to discuss the dreams your parents built their lives around. What inspired them to live the lives they’ve experienced  and how many of their dreams did they actually bring to completion? Do they have more dreams they wish to accomplish before the end of their lives?

My mother wanted to move back to California. As a child I heard her talk about that at least once a week while she was raising us in New Jersey When I was sixteen years old our family moved to California. My father knew he was dying and he granted her wish just three months before he passed away. My mother was 41 at the time. She was able to live out the dream for the rest of her life in southern California.

I don’t know if my father had any dreams that he accomplished. He died at the age of 42. We never talked about his dreams. Maybe he had some and I never knew it. We weren’t especially close so maybe I just missed out on hearing about his dreams. I hope he had some and I hope he was able to experience at least some of them before his early demise.

My mother went on to dream about traveling all over the world. This dream she also accomplished. She traveled  through most, if not all, of Europe. I remember her stories of Spain and Portugal during Holy Week. She cruised across the Atlantic and toured England, Scotland, Ireland and on the return trip Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. I’m so jealous that she was able to visit St. Petersburg in Russia, and Finland, Iceland, and Greenland. There were many other places she visited and told tales about in accomplishing her dream.

My life was enriched by my mother’s dreams and the pictures, stories, and adventures she shared.

My challenge to  you this week is to reach out and see if your aging parents will share some of their dreams with you. Open up to their stories, share their pictures or accomplishments, and then tell them some of your own dreams.

Thanks for reading my blog. I’d love it if you’d share some dreams in the comments.

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