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Starting the Dialogue with your Aging Parents: Ahhhh…. Summertime!

July 22, 2013

It’s one hot summer here in the Northern Hemisphere.

I think we can all agree that this is definitely been a hot, dry summer so far. Although I have to admit that someone posted on Facebook the other day that it was raining in Phoenix. I didn’t think that was a usual occurrence in mid-July, but heck, who am I to question weather patterns!

No complaining about the heat or the weather though. Let’s just enjoy the anticipated sunshine, the lazy days, the cool night breezes and be satisfied that things will change soon enough.

In pondering that thought of change think of this:  We’re 30 days into the official summer season. There are approximately 60 more days to enjoy this lovely season, it’s bounty of garden vegetables, summertime  fun and games, school vacations, longer days, open windows as the cool evening breeze blows through, and family outdoor time.  Actually the kids will be heading back to school in about another 5 weeks, but there will still be summertime left for adult enjoyment. Use it wisely and share it with your aging parents.

So what does this have to do with you and the subject of Starting a Dialogue with your Aging Parents?

Honestly, I am so glad you asked.

  • Summer is a time for relaxation. We slow down a bit and therefore there’s more incentive to reminisce and share the memories.  Conversations aren’t as serious and the overall tone is low key.
  • Summer is time for family fun. Not only for the children, but the adults as well. Share that time with your aging parents with no other agenda than to enjoy each other and let the days unfold. How?
    • Pack a picnic and go to the park.
    • Visit a lake, the beach, or a river and sit with your feet dangling in the water.
    • Get up with the sunrise and enjoy the birds as they greet the day while you and your parents see which ones you can identify by their song.
    • Find out where and when the local Farmer’s Markets are held and check them out for fresh produce, crafts, friendly people, and some new ideas.
    • Sit on the front porch and watch the world go by. Neighbors might stop to chat, neighborhood kids might encourage you to support their sports team fundraiser, you might meet someone new or notice a change you wouldn’t see otherwise. Share this time just “BEING” with your parents.
    • Pull out the ice cream freezer and make home made ice cream in two or three favorite flavors.
    • Stop the ice cream truck and indulge in an afternoon treat you don’t have to make.
    • Watch the kids in the twilight chasing fireflies and enjoy the sense of love and harmony which is part of belonging to a family.
  • Get out of the kitchen.
    • Go out to eat and let someone else do the cooking.
    • Make big bowls of salad, cole slaw, fresh fruit early in the day then nibble on these delights throughout the longer part of the day. Who needs heavy meals when it’s so hot?
    • Have lunch or afternoon (iced tea) on a restaurant patio (see if you can find one with fine misters on the perimeter which cools and freshens the air).
  • Spend a day at the spa. It’s sandal and shorts weather. Treat your mom to a manicure and pedicure, maybe a leg waxing or shave. Get a refreshing facial and rejuvenate body and soul. While there you might pick up some new tips on summertime skin care and protection from UV rays.

What are your suggestions and tips for sharing the lazy days of summer with your aging parents?

Thanks for reading my blog. Your input is appreciated and I am always available to answer your questions or to listen to your suggestions.

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