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Safety for your aging parents;peace of mind for you

June 3, 2012


A single word we often take for granted. Through every developmental stage of life the feeling of being safe is a primary need, but how much attention do we pay to it?


As our parents age we may expect them to look out for their own safety. Let’s face it 1) they’re adults; 2) they got us through our childhood safely; and 3) who has the time to worry about their safety when our own plates are full? There are multiple fallacies in these assumptions, but with a little time, some respectful discussion, and a dose of common sense we can assist our aging parents to see areas where their safety may be jeopardized and how those areas can be adjusted without much hoopla.


Through the month of June I’m going to present you with questions, checklists, and ideas on how to evaluate the safety of your aging parents. We’ll explore in-home safety for your parents regardless of where they call home. Then we’ll move on to outdoor safety, transportation safety, and safe use of medications.


As we explore each area we’ll also discuss solutions to problems we may find. As part of the solutions posts I’ll also give you hints on how to engage your parents in making the changes with ease and a feeling that does not diminish their need to maintain control of their lives.


By the end of this month you’ll rest easier knowing your parents are safer. You may even have decided to institute some of the suggestions into your own environment.


By the time we get through this series of blog posts it will be time for another family celebration over the July 4th weekend. Won’t it be nice to have a family celebration knowing you’ve assessed vital situations and made collaborative decisions to improve the lives of those you love?


Over the next few days I’d like you to think about the following:


**  What is the interior environment like where your parents live?


**  What is the exterior environment like where your parents live?


**  What major activities do your parents engage in?


**  What mode of transportation do your parents use when they need to go someplace?


**  What medications do your parents take and how much do they know about those medications?


If you have specific areas of concern you’d like addressed please feel free to let me know. I’d love for this to be an open discussion with lots of sharing of ideas and solutions. 


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